Scotty B’s Recipes started with me, Scott Beattie, and my lovely wife Kathy.

We have a true passion for and thoroughly enjoy grillin’ and chillin’. Whether it’s with our two sons, family and friends or just an intimate night alone, it’s always well worth it!

We love to create new “pawzatively” delicious dishes and we thought it was high time to share our scrumptious findings with all of you!

Our passion for cooking took us from the far reaches of the Bahamas to Mexico and the southeastern United States looking for new tastes, recipes and unique culinary experiences. It’s true what they say though, there’s no place like home and we made our greatest culinary discoveries in the comfort of our many grills and our over-equipped kitchen. These experiences were the inspiration for our products and for our cook book.

The Cook Book

Scotty B’s Recipes cookbook  will be introduced shortly. We are compiling some of our favorite soups, appetizers, main dishes and deserts that we would love to share. So standby and you too can be “grillin n chillin” Scotty B style.

Lazy Bones BAR-B-Q Sauce

Our Lazy Bones BAR-B-Q Sauce is the first in our line of sauces and seasonings. You can learn more about it here.

Seasonings and Rubs

We are currently working on the addition of a variety of seasonings and specialty rubs including a Poultry, Pork, and Steak House blend, so hang in there while we’re getting ready to “shake it up”!


Coming Soon: Tee-Shirts featuring our mascot “LZ Bones” doing what he does best………..Getting Sauced!