I use 3 or 4 seasonings all the time and have been for several years. This past year I came across Scotty B’s recipes and his Lazy Bones is now the 5th seasoning!! I use it on everything! It’s great on chicken, ribs, sausage, EGGS, steak, burgers, BRISKET, pork butt, VEGGIES!! The list goes on and on- it’s great on everything you put on the grill , stove, in the oven, whatever!! Truely makes cooking DELICIOUS food EASY and FUN!!!

The Lazy Bones Sauce is my second favorite BBQ sauce I’ve ever used! It’s simple with just enough sweet to put on any kind of meat without compromising flavor. My favorite thing to put it on is ribs with pineapple wrapped in bacon smoked low and slow until the bones are falling out! YUM YUM!! My #1 FAVORITE Sauce on the market is the Lazy Bones BOLD Sauce!!!! I’ve been doing briskets for a while now and was ALWAYS looking for that certain taste I was missing. THE BOLD SAUCE DOES THE JOB! It still definitely has that perfect balance of sweet behind it, but it also definitely has the HEAT I needed to take my brisket to the next level. LOVE it!

I’ve tried all of the Scotty B’s Recipes Hot Sauces and they’re all FANTASTIC! My favorite is the Luziana Hot Sauce. Goes great on anything you put hot sauce on: chicken wings, bacon blue cheese burgers, gumbo, ANYTING you want to give a flavorful kick to! My favorite thing to use it for is homemade BUFFALO CHICKEN DIP!! Take any buffalo chicken dip that uses hot sauce and fill it up with the Luziana Hot Sauce!!! Perfect for entertaining guests at cook outs or on game day while you’re grilling your favorite main dish!

Keep it up guys!! I can’t wait to see what AWESOMENESS y’all come out with next!!!!! LOVE IT!!

Corey Williams – Huntsville, AL


This is some GRADE A BBQ sauce. And the rub is really good too! We’ve been grilling bbq chicken using Scotty B’s products for the last three weekends and we STILL can’t get enough! It’s amazing!

Sam & Sofia Consolli – Pompano Beach, FL


Grilled a some chicken drums with your rub and BBQ sauce this Sunday. It came out so tasty that it was gone in less than an hour. Also tried the sauce on an omlette and it was good as well. I am not exactly a BBQ sauce connoiseur but for what it’s worth your BBQ sauce is the best I’ve ever had! Delicious! Thank you.

Mark Green – Deerfield Beach, FL


Lazy Bone kabobs! Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! Thanks to ScottyB for making an amazing BBQ sauce that does great on all kinds of meat!

Jason Anzulewicz – Brandon, FL

Love this BBQ sauce ! Have used it with fish ! Great on grilled Salmon, also makes the best shrimp cocktail sauce, just add some horseradish and you’re good to go !

Blaise ONeill – Fort Lauderdale , FL

Tired of bland convenience store BBQ sauces I decided to try LZ Bones BBQ sauce. It had the perfect balance of sweet and tangy. After trying it I will never go back to the off the shelf stuff.

Julia Muys – Chicago, IL

I have been using Scotty B’s products since day one. His products are the best I have found in the market place. I make a great gourmet smoked fish dip and use his hot sauses exclusively, and now my customers demand his sauce only. So if your looking for the best products such as barbacue sauce,rubs and hot sauces then your at the right site.

Jack Connelly – Pompano Beach, FL

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